Documents to Download

The new online application/renewal system will require various Records, Declarations and Input documents.  It is recommended to download the required document, fill it out offline, then sign in to your online account and upload the file where appropriate. If you require additional forms, not listed below, please contact the administrator for assistance.



RECORD-B Land Use History Record

RECORD-A Field Identification Record

RECORD-A1 Field Production Record

RECORD-D Seed and Planting Stock Record

RECORD-D1 Organic Seed and Planting Stock Search Record

RECORD-H Inputs Record

RECORD-I Storage Inventory Record

RECORD-H1 Commercial Availability Search Record



RECORD-LB New Livestock Record

RECORD-LA Livestock Identification Record

RECORD-LC Livestock Feed Record

RECORD-LF Livestock Inputs Record

RECORD-LG Supplier Certificates Tracking Record

RECORD-LH Livestock Pasture and Confinement Record

RECORD-LI Livestock Health Treatment Record

RECORD-LD Ruminant Feed Calculator Record



RECORD-K On-Farm Processing Record

RECORD-PB Product Formulation Sheet

RECORD-PH1 Ingredient Commercial Availability Search Record

RECORD-PA Product List

RECORD-PC Master Ingredient and Processing Aid List

RECORD-N Equipment Cleaning Log

RECORD-M Complaint Log Record



DECLARATION-C Adjacent Land Use Declaration

DECLARATION-B1 Land Use History Declaration

DECLARATION-J Off Site Storage Declaration

DECLARATION-F Custom Service Declaration

DECLARATION-PD Private Label Agreement Declaration

DECLARATION-L Clean Truck Declaration


Input Approval Requests

APPROVAL-G1 Cleaning Products Inputs Approval Request

APPROVAL-G Inputs Approval Request

APPROVAL-PG1 Approval Request for Preparation SAMPLE

APPROVAL-LE Livestock Inputs Approval Request SAMPLE

APPROVAL-PG2 Cleaning Products Inputs Approval Request for Preparation