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If you are interested in becoming an Associate Member, please download the Application document, fill it out and email it back to admin@iopa.ca or send in the mail to: IOPA, 4164 Telegraph Road, Cobble Hill, BC, V0R 1L4 along with payment of $100. IOPA accepts cheques or email money transfers to admin@iopa.ca.

Thank you for your Support growing Local and Oragnic.

Make a Donation to Support Your Local Farmers & Sustainable Agriculture

If you are interested in donating money to help support organic education on Vancouver Island or if you are interested in Volunteering your time/expertise to IOPA or perhaps a product, item or gift certificate that IOPA can use during promotional events as a prize, please complete the attached form or contact admin@iopa.ca directly. We greatly appreciate all support and would be happy to feature your donation on our social media channels and during various agricultural events we attend. Thank you.

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